About Rotary at Work BC

Rotary at Work BC is an initiative where Rotarians, work to create employment opportunities for individuals who have a disability while, at the same time, reap the advantages that people with disabilities bring to their workforce.

Our goal is to address the staggering unemployment rate for people who have a disability. At the same time, we will educate business owners/operators about the benefits of becoming an inclusive employer and tapping into this demographic. Rotary at Work BC representatives are available to work with Rotary Clubs and potential employers to meet this goal.

Participating Rotary Clubs take on the role of educating their members and their business communities about the benefits of hiring people with disabilities and the importance of this issue when it comes to creating stronger and more vibrant communities. Including people with disabilities in the workforce creates a more sustainable economy for your business, for your community and for people who have a disability.

Once a business considers filling vacancies with people who have a disability, it is Rotary at Work BC’s role to connect employers to local employment agencies.

These agencies can help employers with:

  • Locating potential candidates who have a disability
  • Pre-screening these candidates
  • Providing on-the-job training
  • Assisting with workplace accommodations
  • Providing on-going support, information and other resources that will help make recruitment and retention smooth and easy
  • Rotary Clubs recognize the benefits of hiring people who have a disability. Tapping into this labour pool is good business.

Studies and employer surveys show that employees who have a disability:

  • Demonstrate average or above average work performance
  • Are willing and able to work at many different types of jobs
  • Have a proven positive effect on staff morale

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